Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Two Weeks, Two Races (Part 2)

     Yay! It's officially fall. I couldn't be more excited for the change of season. I think fall is the best time of year for running, which is why I signed up for so many races in Sept., Oct., and Nov.!

     The second race I ran in September was the Paradise Valley Trail Run organized by Northwest Trail Runs. We had so much fun! I primarily registered for this race because Craig loves trail running, and it was at a park near where we lived.

     We were registered for the 5K. I figured this would be a good distance to start, since trail running is so much different than road racing. 

     We parked at a nearby church, then they shuttled us on a school bus to the Paradise Valley Conservation Area where the race starts. Craig and I both thought it was funny to be sitting in a school bus again.

Big smile, right before the start

     In the beginning of the race, I ran behind Craig, and we kept getting stuck behind people who were run/walking, but within the first mile, we were able to pass a few people and pick up pace, and Craig ran ahead.

Craig's back, mid-race
     The course was pretty difficult and windy. There were lots of roots to trip over. At one point, I full-on leaped over a log, which I felt pretty epic about doing. Although, I'm sure it didn't really look that graceful haha. Towards the end, there was a wet, wooden bridge that seemed pretty slippery, so I made sure to slow my pace a bit. Later, Craig told me he was unable to slow down at this part because there were so many people behind him! 

At the finish line!

     In the last mile, I tripped head-first, but in the same motion, I pushed myself back up. My back had been sore leading up to this race, and when I fell I stretched forward and felt something snap near my spine. For the first few moments, I was nervous that I had really screwed up my back. But actually, I was fine, and after the race my back was no longer sore at all, ironically!

    After the fall, I didn't stop because there were maybe 5 people behind me, so I kept running hard until the end. I finished 11th overall (5th female) and Craig finished 7th overall (5th male).

Course map and finish time.

     We celebrated at Maltby Cafe after (cause it was super close, maybe a 4 minute drive). I had my favorite dish there: Swedish pancakes with marionberries and strawberries!