Monday, October 8, 2018

Loving October in Western WA

I <3 running in long sleeves

Just a quick update! It's my first fall back in Western Washington after 10 years in Eastern Washington. The weather here is amazing! Especially for running...

Unfortunately, Craig has had a cold all week, and I've been semi-sick too. I've been toeing the line between still getting in some exercise and resting enough so that my sore throat doesn't turn into an intense cold. 

Yesterday, my run went great! I've found that my pace is getting faster, even on easy days. It was a drizzly, rainy day, which I actually have been enjoying. It was supposed to be a "pace" day where I run at race pace (9:54), but I didn't want to push myself too hard while sick, so I figured I'd just try to keep my pace under 11 min per mile (which I did).

In other news...

Razzy has been sleeping on top of the bed... all summer she was sleeping under the bed

Leaves changing colors outside our appartment

I have a 10K race planned for this weekend. I am hoping to hit a sub-hour time, and my "B-goal" is a PR (under 1:01:33). My "C-goal" is under 11:00 minutes per mile. Hopefully this week I can keep from getting sick!