Saturday, August 4, 2018

San Juan Island: 1st Anniversary 5K

     Last year on our honeymoon, Craig surprised me with matching race shirts that said "Owen" on the back. He planned for us to do our own 5K on our honeymoon, and to make it an annual event. 

     This year, we spent our 1st anniversary on San Juan Island, off the coast of Washington. It was a super fun little adventure! And of course this provided the perfect location for our annual 5K.

     We decided to do our run at the South Beach, at the American Camp. (As a side note: on this island there is an English Camp and an American Camp, representing historical sites of the Pig War, a territory dispute between the US and UK).

     The terrain was super interesting! It was basically a prairie right on the beach. 

     We first ran through this dry grass flatland, and made our way down to the beach. 

On the beach: if you look closely, you will see a fox

     We ended up seeing a deer and two black foxes!

I spy a black fox

     Next, we ran on the sandy beach. I was careful to try to run on the firmest sand, but even still, it was a great workout! 

     Once we tired ourselves out on the beach, we headed back up to the prairie. It was all uphill from there!

     We finished at the leisurely time of 36:47! It was such a fun experience. I want to go back just to re-do this run.