Saturday, March 31, 2018

Life After an Across-State Move

     This has been a crazy month! Craig started work at his new job the beginning of March. I have been interviewing for jobs all month. Interview-anxiety has really driven my running this month. After every interview, I feel wired and energetic, so I go for a run.

     It has been strange trying to adjust to our new home. I did not expect to miss Pullman so much. I think what I am really missing, though, is the freedom we had while Craig was getting his PhD. I got to see Craig a lot more often! That and I miss the people I knew and the familiarity of the town. I know that after we adjust, I will be a lot more happy in Western Washington, it's just a lot of change happening at once!

     I did do a lot of happy things this month. Here is a little recap.

Craig and I explored the local Asian market and I learned how to make sushi

Before my first in-person interview I got my hair cut. It had been 1-2 years and was getting too long!  

I had an interview right near the space needle. I was actually offered the job- but turned it down sadly because it didn't seem like a good fit. It was a hard decision! 

I ran a 5K that started a few blocks for my house. It was just for fun; I hadn't trained for it specifically, but I ended up getting a PR: 27:43. 
I went back to my old high school with my best friend and we saw their production of Guys and Dolls- a musical we had been in together back in middle school!

I got to hang out with my friend and her adorable sons for a bit at a local state park.  

Craig's friends from the university came to UW to see the cherry blossoms. They took us to lunch after at this amazing all-you-can-eat hot pot (shabu-shabu) restaurant in Bellevue. 

The UW campus has so many gorgeous, brick buildings. 

The campus was super crowded, but I was able to get one photo without anyone in it! 

     So life has been pretty great, overall! I will update on my running this month later this weekend (spoiler: I ran 100+ miles and 3 half marathons).