Thursday, March 1, 2018

February Marathon Training


The struggle is real as I try to balance moving across state with training for a marathon. Spoiler: training gets super-derailed, but I am still holding on to the hope of running a 26.2 mile race in a couple months.

     This month has been kind of crazy! At the beginning of the month, we were still looking for apartments. 

Touring apartments... this is the one we ended up choosing! 
     Mid-month we signed a lease, moved everything out of our apartment in Pullman, then moved everything into a NEW apartment. This sounds pretty straight forward (maybe?), but required a ton of work. Needless to say, February went by super fast. 
Driving away from Pullman

Everything we own fit easily into a U-haul truck

At the Marina near our new home

     All of this is a way of saying that I probably got in 50% of the runs that I wanted to in February. I guess that's better than nothing? 

     Here's a recap of my month:

Week 1

Monday- rest
Tuesday- easy 5 miles
Thursday- easy 4 miles
Friday- easy 5 miles
Saturday- easy 4 miles
Sunday- easy 6 miles

Total: 24 miles

Week 2

Monday- rest
Tuesday- 12 X 400m at 5k race pace
Wednesday- rest
Thursday- rest (was sleep deprived because worried about choosing right apartment lol)
Friday- 4 miles easy
Saturday- 2 miles easy (almost didn't run at all)
Sunday- 8 miles easy

Total: 21 miles

Week 3

Monday- rest (aka moving from Pullman)
Tuesday- rest (aka moving from Pullman)
Wednesday- 4 miles easy
Thursday- 8 x 600m at 5k race pace
Friday- rest (aka moving to new apartment)
Saturday- rest (aka moving to new apartment)
Sunday- rest (aka moving to new apartment)

Total: 10.1 miles

Week 4

Monday- 3 miles easy
Tuesday- rest 
Wednesday- rest
Thursday- cross training (skiing!)
Friday- 5 miles easy
Saturday- 6 miles easy
Sunday- rest (was feeling sick)

Total: 14 miles

Week 5

Monday- 5 x 1Km at 5k race pace
Tuesday- rest (surprise ER trip because not feeling well)
Wednesday- rest (was feeling sick)

Total: 5.3 miles so far...


So it's probably pretty obvious that training did not go as planned this month. 

Week 1)  Right on target. 

Week 2)  I struggled but held on to sticking to training mostly. 

Week 3) I felt that I had to kind of give up on the training and prioritize moving. 

Week 4) I probably really should have been running more but felt so overwhelmed by being in a new area, needing to set-up a new home and unpack that I put it off.

Week 5) I am currently struggling to get back to a "normal" routine and it doesn't help that I've been feeling really sick (which I will write about later.

Total miles for this month: 70

Not bad considering all the chaos... 

Here's to a productive March and to all the happiness that will happen at my new apartment/town!