Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Marathon Redemption & Life Updates

Back when I ran the 2014 Portland Marathon... It's been awhile.

January is already half way over? Shoot! Well, a lot has happened since I wrote at the beginning of the year (including my decision to run a marathon this year).

Here is a summary of events:

1) We've gotten to spend a lot of time with family. We visited Gig Harbor, Olympia and Woodinville and hung out with my brothers, both our parents and Craig's grandparents! Hopefully soon we will live nearby (fingers crossed) and will routinely get to visit with our families.

2) I have completed 2 ski lessons and have not fallen once! I am getting faster going downhill, and am less anxious about getting off the ski lift.

3) We have relocated all of our pets to different homes. I miss my kitty but hopefully it is temporary and we can reunite them all once we have a more permanent living situation! We will still be spending as much time as possible with Razzy, too, thankfully. 

4) I have begun training for the Vancouver Marathon. 

Part of me really wanted to run a marathon this year, but with the uncertainty of where we would end up living, I didn't know which race to run. Then, one of Craig's friends asked if we would be interested in running the Vancouver Marathon. 

It's a race I've always been interested in running because I've heard it is gorgeous. The timeline worked out perfectly where I would have exactly 18 weeks to train. 

The last marathon I ran was the Portland Marathon in 2014. Let's just say it didn't go as well as I would have liked (finished in 5 hours 45 minute). I crashed at about mile 20 and the last few miles were walking/slow jogging/hobbling. Ever since, I've wanted to redeem my poor performance. 

This time, I'm following the Hansons Marathon Method, which requires a lot of miles, but I think this we be good in the long run and prevent a crash-and-burn scenario like last time. 

Crossing the finish line of the Portland Marathon

5) I've been adjusting to change and uncertainty.

Me working at my most recent job.
Craig has a couple of different opportunities lined up in different cities, but there is still a lot of unknown variables. At this point, I haven't seriously begun searching for jobs yet. I've applied a few places, but am waiting on a final decision about where Craig will work before I go all-in with my job search. Hopefully in the next few weeks, we will have a better idea of which city we will be moving to.

It's a little unnerving. I've had some days where I have felt upset and displaced. Recently, I've gotten better at making the best of this transitionary stage. So far this has meant my days involve reading, watching Game of Thrones, baking and eating homemade granola/muffins (lol), writing and of course marathon training!