Tuesday, January 30, 2018

January Vancouver Marathon Training


  Total Miles: 66.5

Total Time: 13 hours, 5 minutes

Average Pace: 11:48 minutes per mile

Elevation gain: 2,418 feet

     I am officially training for the Vancouver Marathon! I was hesitant to sign up for the full instead of the half because we have a lot going on right now. However, I figured that this was a great opportunity to run a marathon, and I should take advantage of the current flexibility in my schedule to commit to training.

     I began training on Jan. 1, without taking any time off after running a half marathon at the end of December.

Here is a rundown of January's training

Week 1

Wednesday- 2 miles easy
Thursday- downhill skiing
Friday- 3 miles easy
Sunday 4 miles easy

Week 2

Tuesday- 3 miles easy
Wednesday- downhill skiing
Thursday- 3 miles easy
Friday- 3 miles easy
Saturday- 3 miles easy
Sunday- 4 miles easy

Week 3

Tuesday- 4 miles easy
Thursday- 4 miles easy
Friday- 4 miles easy
Saturday- 4 miles easy
Sunday- 5 miles easy

Week 4

Wednesday- xc skiing
Thursday- 3 miles easy
Friday- 3 miles easy
Saturday- 5 miles easy with hill training
Sunday- 4 miles easy with hill training

Week 5

Tuesday- 5 miles easy

This month's challenges 

     Craig and I have driven back and forth across the state this month, have gotten the chance to go skiing a few times, are job hunting, apartment hunting. I have been feeling a little drained at times and by week 4, I was beginning to doubt weather I had it in me right now to train.

     This week, though, I am feeling stronger and more confident that I can find time/energy to run.

This month's successes 

     I have gone out of my way to take hillier routes. I am enjoying them as challenges!

     I have taken my runs at an easy pace, keeping my heart rate down. I think this will benefit me as I begin the more intense phase of training next week.