Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Holiday Tapering

     Happy holidays! My last serious run was on Dec. 17 where I ran 10 miles at a 10:25 min/ mile pace. Since, I have been running 3 or 4 miles whenever I can find time/ get motivated enough to go outside. I didn't intend to taper so soon, but with the busyness that comes with the end of December, it just turned out that way.

     Last week, we visited my family in Gig Harbor for a couple of days. Craig and I ran downtown the first day we were there (Friday). The following day I went to a local park with my family and ran around there for about 30 minutes. 

     Sunday night, we visited Craig's family. Before dark, we all went for a walk at a nearby park. Craig's grandparents were in the train that de-railed on Monday near Tacoma. You can read about it here. We are so very thankful that they survived the accident with minimal injuries. They were able to come on the walk with us even! 
     It started to snow as we were on our walk.

     We had Christmas morning at Craig's parents house. We ate a lot of great food (which will help fuel my running, right?!) and opened presents. Craig's parents got me ski lessons as a present plus a couple of ski passes. I am looking forward to getting better at skiing. After my race, I think I will take a few weeks off of running and focus on getting better at skiing. 

     Three cuties by a Christmas tree:

Our mischievous Razzy loves the Christmas tree.

Aspen, Craig's family cat, with a snowflake on her head 
     That afternoon I went for a 30 minute run while Craig's mom and grandpa walked around the local park. There was a bunch of snow on the ground (3") and each step felt much more difficult than I was used to. This made for a great workout!

     The half marathon I am running in is in 4 days! I feel like my motivation has dwindled a bit in December, but I definitely trained for this race more than I usually do. I am still hoping to PR (so run it under 2:12:44), which I think is completely possible as long as the weather is OK.