Monday, December 18, 2017

Is there a doctor in the house?

It's official. My husband/best friend is now Dr. Craig Owen (though he'd prefer it if no one called him that)! He says that he is not the useful kind of doctor (i.e. medical doctor).

He was hooded at WSU's commencement ceremony a little over a week ago, and has completed the requirements for a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering. I feel like that does make him a pretty useful kind of doctor.

Here are 5 photos representative of the years he put into his PhD...

First day of grad school.
First day of the second year of grad school.
First day of the third year of grad school.
Fourth year of grad school.
Half way into the 5th year of grad school... he finished! 

Here's to finishing up school! His dedication paid off.  He is a constant source of inspiration to me. I am so excited for the future because I know that he will keep following his passion into a great career!