Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Running Stats

     Instead of doing a month recap, I am posting a year recap with my running stats for 2017. This year was a great year of running for me! I am happy with the progress I made this year, and can't wait to continue to see progress in 2018.

Happy New Year!

  • I ran 722 miles. In comparison, last year I ran 572 miles. This year I ran the most miles I have run in a year.
  • Time spent running: 136 hours. That’s over 5.6 days running in 2017. 
  • Number of races: 6 
  • Lowest mileage month: August with 30 miles. With a honeymoon, a move, and poor air quality due to wildfire smoke, honestly I'm surprised I ran at all in August! 
  • Highest mileage month: December with 84 miles. This surprises me, since I didn't run much the second half of December.
  • Average miles per week over the course of the year: 13.8 
  • Average pace over the course of the year: 11:18. This is 10 seconds faster than my average pace in 2016. Whoot!
  • Average cadence: 168.