Thursday, November 30, 2017

November Running Recap

83.4 miles
15 hours, 30 minutes, 43 seconds
2,747 feet of elevation gain
Average pace of of 11:10 min/mile

  • My longest run was 9 miles. I am beginning to feel prepared for next month's half marathon.
  • I have remained consistent with strength training. I have been dreading core workouts more this month, but I have still managed to get in at least 2 per week. I feel like my posture is improving!
  • Running at a 10 min/ mile pace is beginning to feel effortless.
  • The weather has been nice without (much) snow! It was actually around 50 degrees on Thanksgiving. This has made running outside pretty easy and enjoyable. 

My fastest 5K of the month

Week-by-week summary:

Week 1:

Thursday- 4 miles
Saturday- 4 miles
Sunday- 8 miles

Week 2:

Tuesday- 6 miles
Thursday- 4 miles
Saturday- 5K
Sunday- 8 miles

Week 3:

Tuesday- 6 miles
Thursday- 4 miles
Sunday- 5K race pace

Week 4:

Monday- 7 miles
Wednesday- 5K
Saturday- 5K
Sunday- 9 miles

Week 5:

Tuesday- 7 miles
Thursday- 3.5 miles

Long-run-selfie. Yea, I love running too much.


December goals:

  • I am running the Yukon Do It Half Marathon on Dec. 31, and I am hoping to PR, which means running it faster than 2 hours and 12 minutesBased on how training is going so far, my real goal is to finish in 2 hours and 10 minutes.

  • December is going to be a very busy month, so I may be less motivated to run. At the very least I want to run 4 times per week, with 1 long run per week. 

  • I also would like to run a 10K in under an hour for one one of my training runs. 

The end.