Monday, November 20, 2017

Exciting Life Updates

     The past few days have been crazy exciting! On Thursday, Craig passed his Ph.D. defense. This a huge deal. It basically means he is finished with school! He turned in his completed dissertation last Friday, so as long as it gets accepted (which it most definitely will) he will be Dr. Craig!

     What's just as exciting: He is currently at a job interview. The company flew him down and is paying for all expenses. From what we can tell, it could be an amazing opportunity!

Saying our goodbyes at the airport (at 4:00 AM)

     I can't even begin to express how proud I am of him. He had two days in between finishing grad school and flying out for an interview. He is probably blowing that company away with his intelligence/charm/skills as I type this.
   I am really excited to hear about his experiences when he gets back. We are both a bit sleep deprived (him probably more so than me even), so I am really looking forward to having a relaxing thanksgiving break together starting tomorrow afternoon.


   Since I knew I probably wouldn't hear from him all day, I went for a long run to try to distract myself. It was definitely not the best day to run. Weather forecast: rain, strong wind with a temp in the high 30s. Oh well...

Wet, cold, windy.
   I chose a challenging loop around town. I figured I probably have few runs left in Pullman, so I should probably pick a more interesting route that I will miss when I am gone.
   I ended up running near two of my old apartment building, so it was basically a trip down memory lane. 
   Mile 4 was dreadful. It was up hill, against the wind. 
   Mile 7 was also dreadful. Again uphill, against the wind. 

The good news: students are gone for Thanksgiving Break! 
   But I survived! I walked a half mile home to cool down, and now I am basically just unwinding, drinking hot tea, waiting to hear from Craig!