Thursday, October 26, 2017

Reasons I Run

I am kind of obsessed with running (obviously which is why I have an entire blog mostly dedicated to running). I'm no elite and will never earn any money as a runner, so it may seem silly for me to spend so much time and energy at a sport that I'm moderately ok at.

However, running has brought so many positive changes to my life since I began 5 years ago. I wanted to take a moment to attempt to describe why I love running so much, by compiling a (somewhat corny) list of reasons why I run:

Gives me confidence 

In high school, I was the girl that never talked. While I gained more confidence in college, I still struggled with low self-worth. I always had terrible posture, and I think this had lot to do with not wanting people to notice me. I also dressed in a very plain way as to not attract attention.

Running forced me out of my comfort zone, and thus had a huge impact on my self-confidence. Through running, I completed goals that I never thought were possible, like finishing a marathon. 

This transcended into other areas of my life. Sure, I am still an introvert. However, I am very confident at work and in job interviews. I don’t doubt myself the way I used to. I dress however I want, as I am no longer just trying to just blend in. Sure, getting a bit older and wiser has allowed me to care less about what others think, but I also believe that my running habit has played a huge role in improving my confidence.

I also get a lot of productive thinking done during my runs which help me make positive decisions. It was during a long run that I decided to apply to graduate school.

Keeps me strong

I’ve had to complete two years’ worth of physical therapy because I have chronic chest and back pain due to a joint hypermobility syndrome. Physical therapists routinely express the importance of physical strength in order to avoid this kind of pain. 

I want to live a long, healthy and active life with my husband. Running keeps me in good shape so that we can do things together like hiking and backpacking. In general, I think most people can benefit from the additional strength-building that running provides in order to prevent injuries that are inevitable with age, like back pain.

Gives me opportunities to witness beauty

Going for a walk or run is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy natural beauty. Whether it be fall, spring, summer, or even winter, there’s always something beautiful to see outdoors. 

Also, I find myself going to parts of town that I would not have seen without running. This is especially fun when traveling!

My view from a recent run.

It’s pretty fun!

Sometimes when there’s nothing to do, and I have lots of energy, running seems like the best way to make the day more exciting. Going for a 10-mile run makes for more fun than sitting around watching Netflix (IMO).

I love having a race to train for. It gives me a goal and an event to look forward to. I especially love when a race is in a city that I don’t normally run in. For instance, it was a lot of fun running in the Rock n Roll Seattle Half Marathon because they closed-off the main roads, and I had the chance to run along Lake Washington for 5 miles!

In summation: running gives me confidence, keeps me strong and also brings a lot of beauty and fun to my life. I get that running is not for everyone, but if you have even the slightest inkling to go out for a run, do it!