Tuesday, October 31, 2017

October Running Recap

60.36 miles
11 hours, 35 minutes, 33 seconds
1,181 feet of elevation gain
Average pace of of 11:31 min/mile

  • I made a lot of progress this month! I went from running 2-3 miles whenever I could, to 20 miles last week which included a 7-mile long run last weekend.
  • I am really proud of how consistent I worked on strength training in October. Weight lifting is not my favorite activity, but I committed myself to getting stronger this month. I worked out my core, arms and legs twice a week this entire month! I think this has helped me make progress in my running. I’ve read that strength training can help lengthen a runner’s stride.

Doing sit-ups and laughing through the pain

  • In general, in the beginning of the month, my easy run pace was ~12 minutes per mile and my fast run pace ~10 minutes per mile. In comparison, now my easy run pace ~ 11 minutes per mile and my fast run pace ~9 minutes per mile!

I am happy about this 5K time last Saturday

Week-by-week summary:

Week 1:

Monday- 2 miles
Tuesday- 2 miles
Thursday- 2 miles
Sunday- 3 miles in Darby, MT

Week 2:

Tuesday- 3 miles
Thursday- 3.3 miles
Saturday- 2 miles
Sunday- 10K

Week 3:

Tuesday- 3 miles
Thursday- 3 miles
Saturday- 4 miles
Sunday- 4 miles with speed work

Week 4:

Tuesday- 3.5 miles
Wednesday- 2.5 miles
Thursday- 3.5 miles
Saturday- 5K in 29:33
Sunday- 7 miles

Week 5:

Tuesday- 5K on Halloween

 Future goals:

  • I hope I continue to make such obvious progress into November!
  • In November, I aim to run about 20 miles per week.
  • Races I am looking forward to: Turkey Trot 10K on Nov. 23 & Yukon Do It Half Marathon on Dec. 31
  • I am not really racing the turkey trot and am just running for fun. 
  • For the Half Marathon I am hoping to PR, which means running it faster than 2 hours and 12 minutes.