Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Impromptu 10K

The trail where I ran, along wheat fields, with Moscow Mountain in the distance

   I’ve been keeping up with my running schedule pretty easily over the past few weeks. This Sunday I had 4 miles to run, but that didn’t seem challenging enough, so I decided to do a little over 6 miles instead and call it a 10K!

          My legs were feeling great, and I just knew it would be a good run. However, the weather didn’t know that my legs felt like running fast: it was a VERY windy day!

          There was a headwind on my way out of town, and a tailwind on my way back. You can see by my mile splits how much the wind effected my pace: the first half was much slower than the second half of the run!
10K mile splits

          My 10K finish time was roughly 1 hours 6 minutes. Not too bad considering it was just supposed to be an easy 4 mile run!

          Craig and I are (hopefully) running a 10K on Thanksgiving, and given this weekend’s run I’m pretty sure I can run it in under an hour!

          Today, the wind is even worse in town! There are 45 mph gusts. Other than the wind, though, it is a beautiful, 65 degree October day.

My new running shoes. I really like their color.
Craig and I went for a short (boring and slow) run at the downtown park today, and now I am starting the book “The Kingmaker’s Daughter” while my cat sleeps next to me. It’s nice to just relax at home, especially since we are moving sometime this winter, so it will be our last autumn here.

A close-up of my sleeping cat :)