Saturday, September 9, 2017

First Run of Half-Marathon Training

     Great news! The air quality in Washington has cleared-up a whole bunch. We were able to leave the windows open all day today. It was so nice to breath fresh air! I was starting to feel suffocated inside with the windows closed.

The trail near my house. It was so nice to get to be outside without  smoke.

     To celebrate, I went for a three mile run on the trail tonight. There was a football game tonight, so town was pretty vacated, which is something I always enjoy.

I was so happy to have gotten to go for a run!

     I ran pretty slow the entire time (about 12 min per mile). I haven't run in over a week, so it was good for me to take it slow. At the end of the run, the sun was setting and I could hear crickets chirping.

My slow mile splits. Got to start somewhere!

    More exciting news! I have decided to run a half-marathon at the end of the year (Dec. 31). I am just shy of having 18 weeks to train, so I will have 3 weeks to build a "base" before I actually start proper training.

     I am looking forward to having a new running goal. My current job is only part time and is pretty low-key. It will be nice to have something more exciting and challenging in my life.

     Well, Craig is gone to the football game, so I have the house to myself. :) I'm going to pour myself a bowl of cereal and watch TV!