Monday, September 11, 2017

Building a "Base" (aka wow I'm out of shape!)

     I had a whirlwind of a summer, marrying my best friend. Then we moved. Then the air quality was terrible from wildfire smoke. Basically, I didn't run too much towards the end of this summer, and my fitness suffered. I have new plan, though, to get back into running shape. 

     My current plan is to build a "training base." What this means: before I start official straining I will have 3 weeks to get back into decent shape. I will go for less-intense runs and try to get my fitness level at a point where I can run more consistently. As a start, this morning I went for a 45 minute run.

     The run was pretty uneventful. Somehow, though, I managed to go even slower than I did for my last run! A 13 minute mile! How is that even possible? My legs felt really tired. I guess it was a win that I even went for a run at all.

My face here just about sums-up how I felt after the run. Meh.

     Yesterday, Craig and I went for a shopping trip to find a small desk that would fit in our apartment.  We just moved and have less space, so we needed something pretty minimalist. We went to all the furniture stores in town (4 in total), and at the last store we found the perfect sized desk. And it was on clearance! I was so excited to find it. By the third store, I was expecting that I would need to buy a desk off amazon.

     During the trip, Craig picked out a shadow box for me to put my race medals on display. It was completely his idea, which I thought was sweet. My medals were buried way in a shoe box, in a trunk, in a closet before. Now I have a few hanging above my desk! I couldn't fit them all, so I chose my favorite medal from each year that I have been running.

My favorite race medals are now on display thanks to a gift from my husband.

 It made me feel super sentimental while I was putting it together. A few of the races came easy,
but more often than not I really had to fight to finish. This was especially was the case for the 2014 Portland Marathon and then the 2015 Snake River Canyon Half Marathon. During both races, I had severe should pain. It turned out that a month after that half marathon I need to have my gallbladder removed. It was partly to blame for the pain, odd enough!

     Anyway, that little project got me inspired to get back out there and run

     As a random end to this post here is a series of photos Craig took of me running while we were camping two weeks ago. It was a lot of fun :