Friday, August 25, 2017

Bride on the Run

     Craig and I are married! Our wedding day was a perfect. Being on the water, the location was serene; we were able to hear waves during the ceremony, which was short and simple. For the reception we also kept the decor simple, relying on the natural beauty of the location. We didn't go overboard and have any running-related items within our wedding, but I did insist on getting a photo of me wearing my running shoes under my wedding dress. 

     I was pretty skeptical about the importance of a wedding. I really just wanted to avoid the stress and elope. Looking back though, I am so glad we were able to have such a wonderful day dedicated to marking the start of our marriage. It was amazing to be surrounded by friends and family and to feel their love and support. It was one of of the best days of my life so far.

After being pronounced husband and wife

We were married on Fox Island, where I grew up.

     We drove to Leavenworth that night and stayed at the coolest bed and breakfast called "Run of the River." We arrived around 10:30 pm, and had to to find the cabin we were staying in by flashlight.

All the furniture at Run of the River is gorgeously hand-crafted.

      We had our First Annual Honeymoon 5K. Basically, we found the nearest trail and went for a run. It was Craig's idea and we are hoping to make it a tradition. Craig even surprised me by making us matching t-shirts!

     The trail we selected was on an old pipeline. It ended up being a very scenic run, right on the Wenatchee River. We ran at a slow pace mostly, but ended the run at a full-on sprint. 

           Breakfast was delivered to our cabin every morning, so when we got back from our run, breakfast was there waiting for us. These breakfasts were some of the most amazing I've ever had. The meal pictured below included: fruit, lemon pancakes, roasted potatoes, and berry almond crisp. Each meal also came with fresh-squeezed juice, which was crazy delicious.

     We stayed in Leavenworth three nights. We really would have loved to stay longer, but we needed to get back home and move. Crazy right!? Within about 3 days of our honeymoon, we drove home, then moved across town into a new apartment.
     Moving and legally changing my name has kept me pretty preoccupied for the past couple of weeks. I also somehow managed to find a new job. I was laid-off of my old job right before the wedding due to lack of funding. Craig is finishing up with school, so we plan on moving out of town within the nest 3-6 months. I figured I wouldn't look for work until after we knew what town we would end-up in, but this new job sort of fell into my lap. 

     Basically, this month I changed my name, my home, and my job. Overwhelming, huh!?

     This last weekend, we drove to Eastern Oregon to watch the eclipse with Craig's family! This is his grandparents' 8th eclipse viewing. We were right on the center line, so we were able to see a full eclipse, and totality lasted about 2 minutes.  

     The temperature dropped significantly during the eclipse, so right afterwards, I went for a quick run. I thought there would not be too many cars on the road yet, but I was wrong! It was on a dirt road, so every time a car/camper drove by, a cloud of dust followed, which made the run less enjoyable. 

     We ended up camping 4 nights. The final day we went for a hike up to the Oregon Butte Lookout which Craig's grandparents staffed for 14 years. His grandpa easily hiked all the way up (3.5 miles, 900 feet of elevation gain). He is 79 years old, so it was pretty impressive. His grandpa loved every minute of the hike, and especially enjoyed being at the lookout and telling us stories of his time there.
Craig and I wearing our dorky eclipse glasses. The location we watched the eclipse from was pretty remote.

      Hopefully this next month will be more laid-back, so we can adjust to our new home and my new job. I haven't been running too much and am looking forward to the weather cooling-down for the fall, so that I can for long runs on the trail that is right next to my new apartment!