Friday, March 3, 2017

Half-marathon Eve

At the finish of the half marathon in 2015

     Tomorrow morning I will be running in the Snake River Canyon Half Marathon! I am pretty psyched for it. This will be my third year participating. The prior two years, though, I was having severe shoulder pain. Now, I feel completely healthy! I am excited to see how I perform in comparison. 

     My past times:

  •  2:24:47 in 2015
  • 2:22:56 in 2016

     Basically, to PR for this race I would just need to run faster than a 10:50/mile pace which I think is totally do-able! 

      Today, I tried to eat more carbs than normal. I don't normally track what I eat, but decided to give it a try just to see. 

      The day included cereal & toast, a sandwich, and spaghetti with lots of snacks in between. 

My totals for the day.
      According to runners world "the general rule of thumb formula is about 3 to 5 grams of carbohydrate per pound of body weight." While I did eat 100g more than I normally would, I definitely did not hit this target! Oh well...

          Some things I am looking forward to tomorrow:
  1. Running along the beautiful snake river 😀 
  2. Testing my endurance
  3. Seeing how fast I can run the final mile
  4. Listening to my new playlist
  5. A post-race meal from Old European
UPDATE: The race went amazingly! I was able to push myself harder than before, and I finished in my second_fastest half marathon time: 2:18:14! A PR for this course.