Sunday, February 26, 2017

8 mile long run & morning snow

     Yesterday, I made the decision to do my long run a day early on Saturday rather than Sunday. This meant that I would be running 8 miles on tired legs. Usually I like to have a rest day before long runs.

The reasoning for this was two-fold:
  1. I checked the forecast and there was an anticipated 14 inches of snow beginning that night. There was little change I'd want to run in that. Usually I like to sit in bed all morning, sipping coffee as I watch it fall. 
  2.  I was upset. I had woken up to not-so-great news. 
Ready to head out in 25° weather. Craig says this hat makes me look like a  "real" runner

 I headed out at 7:30 to run around Pullman's 8 mile loop around town. I ran this exact route the week prior, but stopped at about 7.5 miles. I decided to run in the opposite direction this time to mix things up.

     The run went fast. I had made a new playlist which helped. Also for the first half of the run I was cursing-out WSU in my mind (hint: my bad news was job related). By the second half of the run I was more tired and at peace with the situation.


     My pace was pretty even and a little slower than last week, which was to be expected with tired legs. The course is pretty hilly, so up hill I ran around 12 min/mile and downhill I ran around 11 min/mile.

I finished week 2 of my "training!"
     As a treat, me and Craig went to the co-op for lunch, and I had a delicious blueberry French toast bake, a bunch of tofu, and a vinegary cabbage salad with sesame seeds. We also picked up some groceries for the expected "snow storm."


View from my window this morning

     I'm glad I ran yesterday, and we got groceries! I woke up this morning to fresh snow. Craig and I probably will stay in and have a lazy Sunday.

Razzy is also ready for a lazy Sunday :)