Friday, February 24, 2017

New job & the escaped mouse workout

     I found a new job! It's in a lab on the fourth floor of the same building where I worked prior. I didn't even need to interview or anything (huge relief). The downside is my employment is contingent on my new boss's funding so will probably only last a few months.

     Below is a video of my view from the fourth floor. It has been snowing quite a bit and whenever it does it is beautiful to watch from up high.

     I have been working there 5 weeks so far and enjoy it. My new boss is super nice, and I've learned a bit. Mainly I've been doing genotyping and qPCR so far but every once in awhile I have to work with mice, which is a new experience for me. Below is a video of a mouse, to show how tiny (and cute) they are.

     Funny story: Earlier this week, I was working with the mice (collecting stool samples to be more exact) and suddenly one of them disappeared from its cage. There was only one explanation. It had climbed into my sleeve! The sleeves of my lab coat are super baggy. The mouse was only one month old and was super light, so I could not actually feel it in my sleeve. I stood as still as I could, not knowing what I should do.

     After a minute, I could feel it climbing on my back. I remained still was totally panicking. What if it bit me? Or worse: what if it peed on me? Finally it fell out of my lab coat onto the floor. What proceeded was 20 minutes of me on my hands and knees chasing the mouse around the perimeter of the room. The little guy was super fast! The entire time I was worried someone would walk in on me.

     Finally I got smart and searched the room for tools. There wasn't much in the lab room, but I did find an empty clear plastic box and a piece of cardboard. The mouse was only staying around the edge of the room, not wanting to venture away from the wall. I placed the plastic box against the wall, and chased the mouse with the piece of cardboard, into the box. I quickly shut the lid closed, trapping the little guy inside. Just like that, the incident was over. It was such a relief.

     My heart was beating so fast this whole time. It was a good cardio workout!

Waiting for Craig to pick me up at the end of the work day...
Good thing I wore my running shoes to work :)