Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Walk in the Snow

     I've been in a bit of a sad mood lately. I was basically laid-off less than a week ago, so I guess it's to be expected that I'm a bit down. A long walk in the snow at Kamiak Butte was just what I needed to lift my mood.

     Yesterday, I had an enjoyable morning, which I then proceeded to ruin by arguing with Craig about career stuff. I spent the rest of the afternoon super mopey.

     It's been very snowy and cold out (around 2-15 °F), and the roads have not been drivable. Being trapped inside all week has definitely not helped my mood.

There were several feet of snow at Kamiak Butte this weekend.
     This morning, I woke up determined to have a peaceful day, free from worrying about unemployment. Right after Craig woke up, we headed out into the snow.

     Initially, we wanted to go cross country skiing, but that fell through because the university had rented-out all of the skis. Craig thought we had our own set that his parents had passed down to us. We didn't. I had told him not to take them because I didn't want to accumulate clutter.

     We decided to go for a long walk at Kamiak Butte, about a fifteen minute drive from where we live. It was wonderful to see tall trees and untouched snow. We walked around the base of the park first, messing around on the play-set and then investigated if there were any cross country tracks for future reference- there were!

    Then we hiked to the top of the butte. The view was amazing. It felt like being on top a could.

The view from the top- an endless amount of snow and clouds. This photo doesn't do it justice.
     The remainder of day the has not been very productive. Mostly I have been reading. Going on a mini-adventure left my brain a bit calmer, so I am embracing the calm. It's a three day weekend, and I'm enjoying it!

I asked Craig to take this photo. I love when ice crystals collect on plants in the frozen weather. 
     I hope that you (whoever you are reading this) have a relaxing long-weekend spent with family and friends.

Me and Craig at the top of the butte.