Monday, May 30, 2016

Spring Updates

     Wow! It's almost June. Since I last wrote, mostly I have been searching for a job, walking around town and reading a bunch. Also I have been in physical therapy since January. Both my doctor and physical therapist recommended (very adamantly) that I take a break from running. So from March-April I took long walks instead. I was still able to participate in a couple runs though. Here are some races (and experiences) I've done since I last wrote.


     In the beginning of March I ran the Snake River Canyon half marathon. The course was so beautiful! And so flat! The weather was kind of cold and rainy though. I finished in 2:22:56 (a 2 minute improvement from the year prior). 

     Two days after I ran that half I was on a plane for D.C. to visit my friend Mikayla. It was such a fun week! The hi-light of the trip was taking a train up to New York City with her for the day. Somehow in a 14 hour period we crammed in seeing the MET, the Central Park zoo, and Times Square.
     I spent the week in DC museum hopping and visited: US Botanical Garden, Natural History Museum, the Holocaust Museum, Air and Space Museum, the Renwick Gallery and the Newseum. It was an amazing time and my head nearly exploded from all the learning! Also I wore holes into my shoes from all the walking. :) 
Me at the Lincoln Memorial with the Washington Memorial in sight
     That weekend, Mikayla and I ran in the Rock n' Roll 5K. I "rocked" a PR of 28:19.  It was hilarious because after the run, we did more touristy-sighty-seeing at the White House and Lincoln Memorial while wearing running gear and medals, and people kept asking us if we were already done running the marathon. And that wow! we must fast. They didn't seem to quite understand what we meant when we said it was just a 5k... oh well haha


     Earlier this month Craig and I walked/ran Bloomsday. It was a lot of fun doing it together. I actually got to enjoy the nice weather, all the music and being in Spokane cause I wasn't worrying about finishing quickly. I ate a giant strawberry otter pop in the middle of the race, which would have never happened if I was running. Our goal was to finish under 2 hours (its a 7.5 mile run) and we ended up finishing in 1:43. 
     We also got to hang out with my brother and his girlfriend Elisabeth (both who finished the run in under an hour) and my friend Teresa! We had a lot of fun that weekend, although did not get much sleep between staying up late (for me) talking and having my brother's kitten wanting to play with my face/feet/arms throughout the night. 

Well that's a full update! I hope to write more consistently from now on because it's something I really enjoy, and it's nice to have a record of my mini-adventures to look back on later.