Saturday, January 16, 2016

Scenes From the Pacific Northwest


     Craig and I have been enjoying an extended winter break in Western WA. Craig got a new camera and has been taking gorgeous photos. We went for a walk at Lord Hill Park and got some beautiful shots.

     It's raining hard in Western Washington right now. Good thing me and Craig went for a run earlier this morning. We ran 6 miles in about an hour, and each mile was faster than the last. It felt great! The best part was that we ran next to each other the entire time (which usually doesn't happen because I tend to be a bit slower).

    Earlier this week, Craig and I went to Lord Hill Park in Snohomish, WA. Craig has a new camera: a sony alpha a6000, and he brought it along on the hike.

Craig behind his new camera
    I thought I would post some of the pictures he took. I think they really highlight the natural beauty of this region.

Little ferns growing in moss on a tree

Trees reaching to the sky 
Such beautiful lighting. I was so happy on this mini-hike!