Monday, January 25, 2016

5K Along the Water

     This morning I participated in  a virtual 5K for the blog Runs For Cookies. I have never run for a virtual "race," but it was free and sounded fun, so I went for it.

     I am still in Western WA to see a specialist for my shoulder problem, so I was able to enjoy the run in Gig Harbor this morning. I love running downtown along the water here, so that is where I planned my route.

     This first two miles went by quickly, and I finished both each in 9:25. I started to feel a little sick after that so my final mile was in 9:43. Then I sprinted out the last tenth of a mile in 49 seconds in a parking lot. My final time was 29:25, which I am pretty happy about, although I always think I should be able to go faster!

     After the run, I went inside a local coffee shop, Java and Clay and enjoyed an ice water and then a coffee. I was the only person in the cafe, and I just stared out the window for a good half hour while I waited for my ride. The view was beautiful, and I could see the Puget Sound from where I sat.

     It was a lovely morning and I sure will miss the PNW  as I will be returning home in a few days. P.S. I'm currently without a computer, and this post was completely written on my phone haha (impressive?!)