Friday, October 30, 2015

Grad School Finish Line

I am finally getting a real taste of graduate school. The gritty, no-time-to shower and too-tired-to-cook-dinner life. It's actually not so bad. Mainly because I know it has to end soon (I defend Dec. 14!). It's been sad because I am not getting to spend as much time with Craig because I have been going in to work on the weekends and after dinner.

It's pure madness! I need to put-together an exit seminar, finish a draft of my thesis, not to mention finish my lab project and get actual results, all within the next week or so. 

I'm ashamed of the amount of pipette tips I go through on daily basis:

# of boxes of pipette tips used by me on an average day... Thats a lot of plastic!

I think I may have finally gotten great results from my lab work today though!

Today finally all of my experiments finally worked in the lab. YAY!

I am always happy to get to come home to my boyfriend and kitten. 

Razzy looking extra adorable. Do not be fooled. She is wild. I look forward to her crazy shenanigans each night.
I hope to spend this weekend working from home and enjoying their company. Tomorrow for halloween Craig is dressing up as Dr. Who, and I am dressing up as his companion! I really hope we get trick or treaters. We have had bags of fun sized candy ready for weeks in anticipation. If no one ends up showing up, at least we will have a bunch of candy and will just hang out and watch Dr. Who haha. 

Mine and Craig's halloween costumes. I've always loved Dr. Who. Now I'm living the dream: I'm dating Dr. Who haha

I have still been running a few days per week (4 to 5). It has helped me manage stress. Long days in the lab and on the computer while in grad school have taught me the importance of getting outside and enjoying even short moments in nature. 

So if you are inside reading this and have a spare moment (and the weather isn't too blustery), go outside for a walk :) It's worth it!