Sunday, August 9, 2015

What did I even do all week?... Work?

     Finally! My research project has begun to succeed: this week my DNA extractions worked.
Below is an image from an email I sent to myself. It's probably garbled-ey-gook to everyone but what it basically means is that I was finally able to extract quality DNA from a fungus that I want to obtain a whole genome sequence from. Exciting, no?

     More importantly this means that next week I am able go home for a quick week-long summer vacation. I have a family reunion on the 22nd, and I wasn't sure if I was going to get to take any time off if my project kept failing (It's failed a lot over the the past 2 years, so I wasn't feeling too hopeful). Fortunately that was not the case. Below is an image depicting my emotional state after finding out I get to take a week off.

     On Friday, Craig and I went to an outdoor retailer in Idaho, which Craig described as "a compact-REI." It had a rainbow of hiking backpacks upstairs, and Craig was in backpack heaven. There was also practically every flavor of running gels and fuel imaginable, so I picked out an assortment, with plans to test one out the following day for a long run. 

      Here is how that 9 mile long run went on Saturday:

Mile 1- 11:24
Mile 2- 11:38... A bee stung me (or bit me)! It hurt a bunch and I was mouthing swear words as I                                 continued to run. I think Pedestrians must of thought I had tourettes.
Mile 3- 11:51.... Bee sting still hurts!
Mile 4- 11:42.... Still hurting
Mile 5- 11:42
Mile 6- 11:38
Mile 7- 11:33.... What bee sting?
Mile 8- 11:25... Now my legs hurt
Mile 9- 10:19
    By the time I finished, the bee sting was unnoticeable.

     Today, I have mostly just been hanging out with Craig at home. I'm reading Catching Fire! It's actually a lot different than the movie I think. Or maybe I just forgot most of the movie.