Sunday, August 2, 2015

Weekend Update

"Copy Cat"- Craig is tired from the early morning run. And Razzy is tired from her life of being Razzy.

     Craig and I have had a fun weekend just hanging around Pullman. We ran, ate pizza and candy, and went to a movie! We also spent some time just lying around home.

    Yesterday, we went to the library and then went for a long walk downtown and along the trail. We ended our walk at Porch Light pizza for lunch. They basically sell personalized thin crust pizzas. I was excited cause I was able to order a cheese-less pizza pretty easily. I never get to eat pizza because of my dairy allergy! The pizzas were personal sized but pretty ginormous. I still have half of mine in the fridge that I'm looking forward to for dinner haha.

Went to Porch Light Pizza for the first time

     Then, as we were walking back to our car, I suggested we check out the new candy store in town. It was pretty awesome, with lots of bulk candies. I picked out the jelly-bean like balls and candy rocks and Craig got some fudge and a mint chocolate bar. It was perfect because we were headed to a movie next and so we snuck in the candy in Craig's pockets (Tee hee what rebels).
     We went and saw Trainwreck starring Amy Schumer. It was pretty dang funny and well worth the price (free- cause Craig has a ton of free movie tickets given to him by a friend). 
     The rest of the day was pretty uneventful because I totally crashed from eating all that sugar. 
      This morning, Craig and I woke up early to go running on the trail. It was kind of a hazy day from wildfire smoke, but the weather was cool when we started out. 
     I wasn't feeling to good running. Just kind of tired and my legs didn't want to move. It was supposed to be "race paced" according to my schedule. But I kind of hate that term. It makes me feel anxious and like I need to be going faster than I am able. So anyways, I didn't go very fast: 11:48/ mile on average for 10K. 
     My iPod shuffle died halfway through the run. It was kind of weird running without music and definitely made the run that much more challenging. But I endured haha. 
     My favorite part about the run though is that Craig was able to run 6 miles! He did really well. Bellow is a graph of our times for each mile 1 through 6. 

Average pace (y-axis) by miles (x-axis). Craig kicked butt! And I hung in there for 6.2 miles. 
      After the run, we stopped at Zoe's cafe across the street. We split a plain Belgian waffle that was nice and crips and tasted perfect after the long run. They also had some delicious coffee, and I had probably the best lattes I've had in town.
     We got home, and Craig and I laid on the floor with Razzy for probably a half hour afterwards haha.