Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mt. Rainier and a Bubble Run

      Right before classes started up again, Craig and I were able to escape to Western Washington. We camped and hiked at Mt. Rainier. I ran in the Seattle Bubble Run with a friend (it was so fun!). Then, my extended family had a reunion! It was an awesome trip.

     The first major thing we did last week was take an overnight trip to Mt. Rainier with his parents.We did a couple of day hikes at Sunrise and Paradise. The Paradise hike was super steep, and I much preferred the hike at Sunrise, which was less steep but longer. The hike ended at a lookout with amazing view (there were amazing fews the entire way up too!).

Me sitting atop the lookout. 

Me on top of the world! Or on top of the Fremont fire lookout at Mount Rainier. 

Craig and I at the lookout. 
     We had a camping spot were we spent the night between the two hikes. I was so tired from the hiking! I can hardly remember going to bed but must have slept 11ish hours. 

     After this, we went to visit my family at Gig Harbor. Craig and I stayed at the Fox Island house that my parents own. It is 5 stories high, with each level being an individual room. Also it is right on the water! Craig and I had the place to ourselves most of the time, and without internet it almost felt like we were camping again. 

Staircase to the top level at the Fox Island house

Top level of the Fox Island house. It's right on the water!
Low tide at Fox Island
     While we were in Gig Harbor, it was mine and Craig's anniversary (2 years of dating), and we celebrated by a visit to Tides Tavern and sorbet for dessert. It was strawberry kiwi flavored, and I added boba and sour patch kids. It was probably the best sorbet I'd ever had. 

Amazing dessert. Strawberry Kiwi flavored sorbet
     The day after our anniversary, I participated in the Seattle bubble run with my childhood friend Emily. Before the race we decorated our own shirts. Her son Christopher also decorated his own shirt. He started out by decorating it with a butt (haha typical 6 year old boy) but later turned that into a giant red sparkle smudge. I liked our shirts much more than the ones the handed out at the event.

Mine and Emily's shirts
Christopher's shirt (Age 6)
      The event was super crowded. It was crazy! But it was fun once we got started. Every kilometer there was a station of different colored bubbles that you ran through. It was like running through a 8 foot wall of bubbles.
The large buckets of bubbles the use during the run

My friend Emily and I after the run

      We had to wake up super early (5 am) for the run to make it out to Seattle in time, and right after we had to turn around and get back in time for my family reunion. It was a lot of driving and everyone involved was super tired. A nap time commenced in between the run and the family get-together.
     The family reunion was at a nearby park, and I was most excited to see my brothers! It was fun being around family.

A candid photo of my oldest brother and me

     Now Craig and I are back in town and are trying to get back into the swing of things with classes and work. While we were gone, smoke from nearby wild fires drifted into the area, and there the air quality has been rated as "very unhealthy." This has been going on for a couple of weeks, and it has been so bad they have told people to stay indoors or wear masks when outside. Hear is to hoping it clears up soon. Not that I have much time to spend outdoors haha. I have a thesis to write!
    I'm super glad I got a chance to visit the coast and am looking forward to the day when I can call Western Washington home again.