Sunday, July 12, 2015

Weekend hike & 5K race pace

View from the top of Kamiak. Note the dark rain clouds. 

     On Saturday morning, I woke up, feeling like it was super early in the morning. It was still cool out, and there was no light coming from behind the window blinds. Then I checked the clock, and it was 10:00 am! No way, I thought to myself. I thought it was more like 7:00 am. I never sleep in. Usually my cat starts meowing at 7:00 am, so it was nice that she let me sleep. Maybe she was too busy enjoying the cool morning to bother me.

     I checked the weather, and it was only supposed to get to the mid 70s that day. Yay! I felt like I finally had energy, free from the 100 degree days that had plagued me for the past couple of weeks. To enjoy the cool weather, Craig and I decided to go for a hike at Kamiak. We continued with this plan, even though it started raining before we even left. We are both from Western Washington originally, so we both enjoy and welcome rainy days. 
     Kamiak has about a 3 mile trail. It didn't rain too hard, just sprinkled, and I really enjoyed the crisp air. We talked the whole way, and I felt in much better shape than the last time we did this hike. In the past, I welcomed stopping mid-way through for a break. This time, we walked the whole trail with ease. 

Craig enjoying the view while reaching for his water bottle.
     As a side note, I finally was able to purchase my dream pair of running shoes. Last December, I went to a running shoe store in Gig Harbor to get a new pair of shoes. The worker there watched how I ran and also looked at how I wore my old shoes (a pair of Brooks Adrenaline). He noticed my shoes were wearing out in the outer part of the sole. This showed that while I tend to pronate, the Adrenalines were providing too much support. He also took a look at the shape of my feet, and noticed I have high arches. 
    Anyways, long story short, he told me about Brooks Ravennas, which are more neutral, but still provide some structure. Instead of traditional posts, they have a guide rail (specialized plates built into the midsole) that provide stability. The shoe is also ideal for runners with a mid-to-high arch.

My new shoes, Brooks Ravenna 6 (yay for pretty colors!)
     He said, though, that there were too few runners that needed this particular model, so they didn't stock it. When I went to REI later that week, the shoes were available, just not in my size. When I checked the price online, the cost was too steep, so I opted for a cheeper, neutral shoe Brooks Glycerine 11s.
     The Glycerines have been a great shoe for me mostly, but I could tell by the way my knees sometimes ache that I need a little more structured shoes for longer runs. 
     Conclusion of running-shoe-tangent: I now am running in the Brooks Ravennas and couldn't be happier. So far, I have had no knee pain. They also seem much lighter than my old Adrenalines. I would definitely recommend these shoes to someone needing a shoe in-between the neutral and support category
     This morning, Craig and I woke up early because we planned to run on the trail near our house. We made it outside by 8:00. Even then it seemed almost too hot to run! Oh weather...
    I felt a bit nervous about this run because it was supposed to be at "race pace." While I know this means the pace you plan to run the race at, and for me that is about 10:30 per mile, somehow I always take it to mean "run as fast as you can manage without dying." 
    Craig also seemed a little bit nervous because he has never timed himself during a 5k. I was excited to see how he would do. He has super long legs, and his pace is always quicker than mine.
     I started the run pretty quickly. I began before Craig because he had to make a phone call. Towards the end of the first mile, he passed me, and I followed him till I hit the half-way point. Then a little bit into the second mile, he passed me again. It was fun to have a running partner and to know he was also pushing himself for the same distance as me, even if we weren't necessarily running together.
     In the end, I finished the 5K in 31:08 and Craig finished in about 29:00. Definitely not bad for his first timed run! I'm pretty proud of him. I'm happy with my time too. I can't remember the last time I ran a sub 10:00 mile.

My splits. I reached my goal of sub 10:30 minute miles.