Saturday, June 6, 2015

Making Bread While Running

     Things are going great! I think the pain I have been experiencing for the past half year has finally ended. It turns out that I was having "phantom pain" or nerve pain even after having my gallbladder removed. The medicine that my doctor prescribed for this really seems to be working. It's a huge relief not to constantly be feeling bad. I've even been able to run a little bit. 

      For the past month or so, I've been able to run about 2 or 3 miles a couple times a week. My pace is very slow, and I get pretty tired just from that amount of distance. I can't believe how far I used to be able to run. Hopefully now that I am feeling better, everything (work, chores, running etc.) will get a bunch easier. 
     This morning right after I woke up I decided I wanted to make a loaf of bread. Raisin bread sounded like a good idea, so I found a recipe and threw all the ingredients into my bread machine. The recipe said to put the raisins in a special "nut and fruit" compartment, but my machine is pretty old and pretty basic and had no such compartment. So I just put the raisins in with the other ingredients and hoped for the best. 
    As the bread was rising/baking, I figured it was a good time to go for a run. We just moved to another part of town, so now we live right next to a nice trail. I didn't even realize this when we decided that we wanted to live there. It's just a nice perk! It's super shady (as in protected from sunlight haha) and away from the road and icky car fumes. While running along the trail, I enjoy seeing all the trees and wildflowers. Most of our town is just fields and fields of crops, so it's nice to see some pretty flora. 

     After about a mile or so, the trail leads into town along train tracks.  Along the tracks, there is a train that also doubles as office buildings. It's kind of interesting. 

     When I reached downtown, I took a quick pit stop at my favorite coffee place. As much as I'd liked to have stopped and had a cappuccino, I just drank a glass of water. They keep a large pitcher of iced water right next to the entrance. I always stop here when I'm thirsty in the summer. I'm sure they intend to be hydrating paying customers, but I've spent enough money on their coffee that I think I've earned an unlimited supply of their ice water haha.

     From there, I turned around and headed back on home. I was super excited to see how the bread turned out. When I opened the front door, I was overwhelmed by the smell of warm bread. After washing up, I went straight to the bread maker and pulled out the loaf. I didn't even let it cool before slicing into it and eating a piece. 
     After consuming my portion of bread, I finished slicing it. The way I baked it resulted in a cool cinnamon swirl. Upon further inspection though, there was not a raisin to be found in the loaf. I can only imagine that while the machine mixed the ingredients, it somehow cooked and mixed/chopped/pulverized the raisins into the bread dough. This theory is confirmed by the taste of the bread which is slightly raisin flavored...