Monday, June 22, 2015

Science nerd on the run

     I ran 6 days in a row last week! I have a lot of energy now that I'm feeling better. Yesterday,
I went for my usual run along the trail near my house. On my return trip, I stopped after two and a half miles and called it good cause it was so dang hot out (it was 2:00 pm and probably 85 degrees).
     As I walked along the trail, I noticed a diseased plant that I had been running past the whole time! The plant had these black giant swellings, or knots, and my official diagnosis is black knot caused by Dibotryon morbosum. All the shrubs along that part of the trail (7 plants) were diseased. I took photos for all the plant pathologists amongst my readers (I think there is at least one person who would be interested? haha).

     When I showed Craig the photos he, said it looked like poo. As such, I thought I should mention that what you are looking at is woody tissue, and this hard structure is used by a disease-causing fungus to survive winter conditions. It is not poo.

       I had a doctors appointment this afternoon, and the doctor, upon hearing that I was finally feeling better after 6 months of pain, gave me a hug. The appointment reminded me of how thankful I am to be feeling healthy and able to run and eat whatever I want again.
     To end this post, and to counter-balance the gross pictures of black knot, I will share a happy family photo.