Tuesday, May 5, 2015

No running!

     Last Tuesday night, I was able to go for a 1.6 mile run at my normal pace. At the end of the run, I was ecstatic. I was back to myself! Yay!
     The next day, however, I definitely regretted it. I came home after class, had some mixed vegetables and brussel sprouts for lunch, and within an hour, the pain in my abdomen was extreme. I went to the Dr. that afternoon, and basically she told me to cool it with the vegetables (fiber) and exercise (both running and long walks) until my body fully recovered. She told me to eat plain foods and rest. 

     This put me in a very bad mood. I whined to Craig when we got home, "I don't like pasta. I don't like rice and bread. I like vegetables! And I like to run. I don't want to stay home on the couch eating pasta! That's not me."
     But I think the doctor was right. Since resting and eating less fiber, I have noticed a definite improvement in pain. I have found other ways to keep myself preoccupied: puzzles, reading, and sketching. I hope to start a small oil painting soon. 
     When I started this blog, I wasn't feeling great, but I was still able to run. I wanted to create something that showcased my love for being active, seeing the world, and running long distances. I'm not as active right now but only temporarily. As soon as I feel better, I will be out on the roads again. 
     I think it is important to know when your body needs a break. This is especially true for runners who have a routine or a training schedule. I used to hate days when I didn't run. Now I am learning to have patience. I'm also learning that things don't always go as planned. Even with a change in plans, though, I am still able to enjoy my little world, just while moving at a slower pace. 
     On a positive note, yesterday I finished my stats512 course, which was the last class I needed to complete for my MS degree. I am definitely proud of myself for sticking through with school, even though there were days I felt like quitting. 

My last day of class. Right before my exam
First day of the semester. Loving life.