Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Goodbye lil' Gallbladder

I had my gallbladder removed about 2 weeks ago! Here is a summary of the past few days:

March 30: This was my liver and gallbladder (and the gallstones he maked)

March 31 7:00 am:  Prior to the surgery, I got to wear this nifty inflatable robe that pumped in hot air. That was probably the highlight of the pre-op. The hospital was very small, so I had a lot of attention from the nurses even though it was a rather minor surgery. Basically, they wheeled me in the procedure room on a gurney, and I was knocked out after a couple of minutes of small talk with the anesthesiologist. The conversation went something like this:
     Dr: What are studying in school? 
     Me: Plant pathology.
     Dr: Ooooh. What do you think of GMOs?
     Me: Well... (and then I was asleep)

Me pre-surgery in my super, large inflatable robe.
 March 31 10:30 am: I woke up in the recovery room. I do remember being in some pain and just wishing I could be with my boyfriend Craig. The surgeon came in to check on me, the nurse gave me a couple rounds of pain killers through the IV. Finally by 11:00 am they wheeled me back to the curtained cubicle where Craig was, and I was super happy to see him. The remainder of my stay was spent drinking orange juice in bed and convincing the nurses I was ready to leave.

March 31 2:00 pm: We were out the front doors of the hospital by 1:00 pm. On the way home we stopped and got strawberry frappucinos. And I remember it tasting sooo good. By this time, I was impressively happy considering I had just had an internal organ removed from my body hours prior.

April 1: Craig brought me flowers! And he also brought me cough drops. During anesthesia, they put a tube down my throat, so it was sore, and I was coughing a lot the day after. This was not fun because my abdomen hurt every time I moved a muscle, especially to cough. The abdominal pain made it hard to get out of bed too. I felt like a turtle that had been flipped onto its back.

Craig brought me flowers.
They are still on my bedside table and they still make me smile.
 April 2-present:  Mainly this time was spent at home, trying to keep up with class, walking laps around the neighborhood and drinking smoothies.
     I have to meet with the surgeon this Friday before I can return to running. Interestingly I have not minded too much about not being able to run. I missed a half marathon last weekend and a team relay this next weekend. It's a bit disappointing, but really I just want to return to my old-self, and taking long walks seems to satisfy my exercise requirements at the moment.

I've been walking at least 2 miles a day since surgery. Notice an upward trend after April 1?