Sunday, April 26, 2015

First mile after surgery

     I wish I could say that I have made a full recovery from surgery. I am still having pain in my chest and shoulder that feels exactly like the referred pain I had prior to having my gallbladder removed. It is frustrating and tiring to have to put up with pain constantly. The surgeon told me to bear with the pain for a month after surgery, and if it's still there, then I should investigate the pain further. Fortunately, my incisions are almost perfectly healed, and after meeting with the surgeon, he said I was cleared to run. 

Hood-up and wearing two sweatshirts. My recovery look.

     I have been trying to return to my normal life, which includes exercising more. I went to the student rec center a few times this week, just to try out the elliptical machine (while watching House and American Dad!).  As fun TV-watching/semi-exercising is, all I really wanna do is run, so I made my first attempt at jogging on Saturday and ran about .8 miles during my walk to the gym. 
      After that sort of successful jog, I decided to go for a run this morning. I was able to run (with breaks) my first official mile since surgery!
     I ended up running for 5 minutes until my chest began to hurt. Then I walked a bit, ran a little, walked, repeated every other minute until .99 miles. At .99 I was forced to stop because of intense pain in my abdomen. It hurt so badly that I had to hold my side to try and stop the pain. But the perfectionist in me needed to finish an entire mile, so I walked for a minute or so, until the pain was gone, and then ran .01 miles.
     I find it somewhat discouraging that I am still unable to run without pain almost a month after surgery. But this just means I just need to take it slow and see how my body feels each day. I consider this to be progress. One mile is better than no miles.
     I feel like a beginner runner again. But I guess once I feel better, I will be left with the fun challenge of getting back into running shape. I can't wait.