Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hills, hills, hills...

My neighborhood hill of doom
     I've kind of been taking it slow the past few days because I am still in recovery mode from last weekend's race. Yesterday, me and Craig went on a short trail run, and going uphill really made me exhausted quickly, even when I was going slow. I swear, someone could have walked faster than me while I was jogging uphill. Also, it was difficult to find footing. If I had continued much longer, I would have tripped on a branch or something. But I also enjoyed it because of the challenge.

    I like running with Craig. It forces me to push myself harder. Also I am not embarrassed when he sees that I am a bit slower, because I know he doesn't care and is just proud that I am a runner to begin with. 
     Anyways, this run inspired me to improve my abilities at hill running. I've been told that you should do the workout that you don't want to do because that indicates your weakness. Well running uphill is definitely something that I never like doing. It's my weakness as a runner.
     Today, I went to a long hill near my house, and ran it 5 times. It was a struggle to keep turning around only to run up the same hill, but I just pretended that I was running on a track, that just happened to have a ginormous incline. After my 5th lap, I headed the opposite direction, ran a loop around the neighborhood and then another uphill portion and back down the same hill. Then I did a last final sprint up that same hill. It looks like my pace going uphill is about 12-16 minutes. I hope to work on getting quicker this spring! There's much, much room for improvement, but I'm looking forward to overcoming my weakness.