Sunday, February 22, 2015

8 mile: An introduction to me

     I am going introduce myself by explaining some of my running habits. These habits are not extraordinarily unique or bizarre, but they should at least give you an idea of who I am as a runner. 

     So, in preparation for a run, first I assemble the necessities. In addition to the usual running shoes and gym clothes this includes...

Basic essentials for a weekend long run

(1) Music. In general I have my iPod loaded with an equal mixture of Indie Rock, British Punk Pop and US top 40 singles. I occasionally try to run without music and quickly find myself distracted by the sound of my own labored breathing. 
(2) Fuel.  During a run, I eat Clif Shot Bloks mainly because they are not messy. When I eat gels, they somehow end up all over my hands and smeared around my mouth. Then, when I run by other  townsfolk on the trail, I worry that I may disturb them with my excessively sticky appearance. 
(3) Treat. Although not necessary, I like to have a preplanned snack for after the run. Around mile 5, this cupcake will appear a trillion times more chocolatey and delicious in my mind. 

  Next, I prepare my mind for the pending long-term jog session. Especially for long runs, I like to have nothing major planned for the remainder of the of the day. This is why I usually do these runs on Sundays. This alleviates any possible anxiety about not being able to get home in time to for work etc. 
Determination: key to finishing a run
before cupcake consumption
     Also, I need to tell myself that this will take awhile because at my pace the run will take a loooong while. I also need to feel determined to actual finish the distance that I planned to run, otherwise I probably would stop at mile three, go home and eat that cupcake, without second thought. 
     Okay, so this afternoon I successfully completed an 8 mile run.  This is the longest run for me so far this year. It has been difficult to run for very long in the cold weather, so I am happy that the weather has been freakishly warm in February. 
     My average pace was 12:00, which is somewhat slow, but not unheard of for me. My splits are somewhat even, so I'm at least glad to be consistently slow. Looking back, I honestly cannot remember the run very well.  I think I was just in a state of bliss for the most part. The sun was shining, so there were no complaints like "ah my hands are freezing" or "grr my toes are about to fall off" circling my head as is sometimes the case. I do remember my legs being tired by mile 6, however, and probably could not have run much further than 8 miles today.

     One thing I wanted to do with this blog was to show the beauty I see on runs. While running I get to enjoy the landscape and go to areas of town I would ordinarily have no reason to visit. Since I started running, I have been able to see the world in a different light and take small adventures every day. This is one reason I titled my blog "Panorama Runner" (The other reason being that I got sick of  trying to think of clever running puns).
      Here is a panorama I took on today's run. I tried to take a few panoramas while still running, but they turned out hilariously bad, like someone threw a picture in blender and then pasted all the pieces together, so I had to take a short break in order to take the picture.